Vladimir Popov – Chairman

Mr. Popov is a Chairman of Book on Demand and brings over 40 years of rights management experience in Russia and CIS. Mr. Popov is a CEO of FTM, largest and oldest literature agency in Russia. FTM was founded in 1990 and its portfolio of titles under management is over 20,000. Prior to founding FTM Mr. Popov held senior level positions at the Ministry of Culture of USSR, with responsibility of licensing Soviet authors abroad. Mr. Popov is actively involved in the development of the rights market in Russia and CIS, in early 90’s he founded a Russian Association of Rights Management, which collects royalties from radio, TV and other sources.

Alexander Kazansky – CEO

Mr. Kazansky worked in publishing industry for over 30 years. He held numerous top level positions in all three leading Russian publishing groups, AST, Eksmo and OLMA publishing, where he held senior level positions in marketing, production and distribution of books. Mr. Kazansky also led the development of electronic books unit at Eksmo.